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echoboom's Journal

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the muddafukin czar of neptune
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when the president starts talking about Hispanic
Mountain-Biking-Actors that Surf, let me know...

texan by birth; moved to california to work as an actor and became distracted by the surf...

this is my life

this is my world.

24, a life less ordinary, a million little pieces, achtung baby, acidy spit, acting, air hockey, arsenal fc, bad boy bill, bad religion, becker surfboards, blue man group, books, born slippy, bt, cereal, chemical brothers, chivas futbol, chuck palahniuk, concerts, crystal method, curve, dancing, dane cook, dark horizons, darth maul, david fincher, david saderis, depeche mode, dirty epic, doing the robot, drums, erasure, everything everything everything everything, felix da housecat, fetish, fig newtons, fight choreography, fight club, filter, garbage, general tso's chicken, godsmack, grapes, hardknox, head on, house of leaves, houston, irvine welsh, james frey, jamie lidell, jaz colemans voice, jesus and mary chain, jet li, john ridley, john woo, juno reactor, keith haring, killing joke, kinobe, kissing, kmfdm, kolaches, korn, kung-fu, lips, longboarding, lords of acid, lymphoma, macbeth, massive attack, mathematics of chaos, medicine, michael bay, ming's cafe, mountain biking, music, nachos, neil diamond, nellie mckay, new order, nin, nirvana, numbers, numbers night club, oatmeal raisin cookies, penguins, peter gabriel, pinball, pop will eat itself, powerman5000, prodigy, queen, rammstein, reading, redheads, rev. horton heat, rob zombie, robocop, rock climbing, rollerblades, sci-fi, sex, shakespeare, shinobi, simpsons, singlefin:yellow, sister machine gun, sleeping, social distortion, stage combat, star wars, stp, strawberries, sunsets, surfing, the avalanches, the crow, the matrix, the prp.com, the punisher, third coast theatre company, trees, trigger happy tv, true faith=greatest song ever, true romance, u2, underworld, upstart filmworks, vanilla wafers, women and nachos

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