the muddafukin czar of neptune (echoboom) wrote,
the muddafukin czar of neptune

there is more news, but thats it for now!

real. real quick

since last we spoke, i

--quit cheesecake factory

--worked as a PA closing down the set of  The Riches

--finally pissed off to Scotland, England, and Ireland.  (mostly, Edinburgh, London, and Dublin; 3 soccer games, 1 rugby)

--became a full fledged member of the Knight Rider crew as an office PA on a monday;  wednesday,  we were shutting down and going on hiatus

--partied at the official Knight Rider Holiday Party (or Wrap party...)

and lastly,

the WALKING DISTANCE 'black'' trailer has premiered, its the first of two to be released this week.

i am well. it appears all are well. always great to see!!!

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